Earn up to 35% cashback! No complications
The essence of earning is simple! Register, activate the robot and get cashback!
You can make a profit of 35% or more from the funds invested in the advertising campaign.
To see how the robot works, you will receive a bonus of 50, which you will receive immediately upon registration
Youre not risking anything
When you are sure that the robot regularly earns money for you, you can invest your own funds and increase your profit
Cashback is credited to your account in about 2-3 days, depending on the store.
The scheme of replenishment from wallets: 100 in kiwi 8100, from peera we request 7800
e go to the company, order 100 from the peer
You can top up with a payer from 10, but the payer does not accept cards, we go here qiwi.com/p/79967021859 , then here, translate from kiwi https://payeer.com/?session=5249369 who doesnt have these wallets. There is a chat in telegram, write in PM https://vk.com/sany60

You can withdraw money to your wallet or card.

1. https://ai.marketing/ru/campaign/kfkpyzhqoh
2. Click on the button: Login/Register: https://ai.marketing/ru/campaign/rnkolzs4pg
3. Click on the first blue circle, registration: via " BRAIN"
4. In the window that appears, click: "I dont have an account, Create an account!"
5. Create a new account Last name. The name is written in Latin. Required!
6. After registration, the robot will ask you to introduce yourself. Come up with a nickname in English with numbers.
7. Your advertising balance will already have 50. They are activated after 48 hours and the robot will start its work, and you just have to watch your profit.
It would be possible to stop here, but it would not be completely fair

You can watch the video instructions on how to register correctly
There is one underwater stone that will stop indecisive and loving only freebies
According to the rules of the system, you can make the first conclusion-at least 100
With 50 bonus, the robot will earn approximately 75 And then you will need to deposit another 50 to earn a total of 150
50 you will return to the system, and 100 you can withdraw or reinvest to get even more profit!

Thats it now! The decision is yours!

If you have any problems with registration or questions, please contact me

An approximate calculation of the yield if 100 is started and reinvested within 1.5 years.

1 month 100-140
2 month 140-200
3 month 200 - 280
4 month 280-400
5 month 400-560
6 month 560 - 790
7 month 790-1100
8 month 1100-1540
9 month 1540-2160
10 months 2160-3030
11 months 3030 - 4300
12 months 4300 - 6020
13 months 6020-8430
14 months 8430-11800
15 months 11800 - 16520
16 months 16520-23120
17 months 23120 - 32360
18 months 32360 - 45300

Total for 1.5 years

45 300

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