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Фразовые глаголы: CUT (part 2)

CUT IN - interrupt someone who is speaking.
You can cut into traffic with your car.

CUT somebody IN - let somebody in on a deal or a profit of some sort.
He cut his brother-in-law on the deal.

CUT INTO - slice it with a knife but you dont slice it into two parts.
CUT INTO - take up too much of something.
All of these emails are cutting into my free time.

CUT OFF - interrupt
Im going to cut off your story right here.

CUT OFF - stop providing for someone.
My parents cut me off. They said I need to get a job.

CUT OFF - end a relationship
I cut it off with Bob.

CUT OUT - stop working
The radio cut out.

CUT OUT - stop doing something
Ive cut out sugar (I dont need sugar any more).

Cut it out! - Stop it!

You have your work cut out for you. - Theres a lot to do.

NOT CUT OUT - not fit, not having the qualities to do something.
Shes not cut out to be a teacher.
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